Graeme Burk is a freelance writer, wit, bon vivant and man about town. He is the author of the ECW Press book, Who is the Doctor. Over the past ten years he has written for (and edited) a number of small press magazines and websites. He has had short stories published by the BBC and has been a finalist for a Writers Guild of Canada award for new screenwriters.

This site is devoted to Graeme's writing and includes his column, which is published on an occasional basis.

The Column

October 26, 2003

  • Surviving Breakups: An A to Z
  • A handy primer on what to expect in the first few months after an emotional breakup

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    October 19, 2003

  • Integrity Before Unity
  • It’s a shame that when it comes to the issue of gays and lesbians in the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has proven to be a mealy-mouthed coward like the rest of the hegemony of Anglican Bishops.

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    October 12, 2003

  • October Memory
  • Thanksgiving weekend, 1981. In a few short hours I will see my father after the longest month in the history of my life.

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    October 05, 2003

  • Time For A Better Song
  • Welcome to my living hell: six hours at Canada’s largest singles event.

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