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October 20, 2009

  • Generic Facebook
  • Someone is noting a very bland detail about their bland day

    Someone Else is awkwardly making a remark about how they never really post on Facebook.

    Someone Other Than That is full of outrage about what some is doing to someone else politically or in the world. Why on earth is this happening!?

    Yet Another Person has made some obscure remark about Doctor Who

    Another Individual hates their job and wants to make that perfectly clear. Again.

    A Person is talking using the insider language of their religion / culture / TV fandom and is completely incomprehensible to everyone outside that sphere

    Someone Who Should Know Better RT @someguyontwitter I don’t care if I post twitter stuff on facebook even though its completely different #nocluehowdumbthislooks

    Someone Famous is rather impressed with their cleverness

    Someone Who Should Be Flogged has won Mafia Wars while playing scrabble and Bejewelled Blitz and wants to give you a Fluffy Hug
    Click to accept Fluffy Hugs

    Someone Super Happy loves their dog, their life and their boyfriend

    Some Incredible Music Geek is playing a 12” EP of The OMD Remixes. OMG OMD!

    Some Sweetie is thinking a nice sentiment

    A Silly Person Has Taken the “Which Swedish Prime Minister Are You” Test and has come back with the result:
    You are Prime Minister Tage Erlander. You hold the record as the longest serving head of government of any democratic country having served for 23 years. You will form a coalition with the Centre Party between 1951 and 1957 and will coin the phrase “the strong society”, describing a society with a growing public sector taking care of the growing demand on many services that an affluent society creates. The connection between you and this leader is completely and utterly spurious.

    Someone Justifiably Annoyed asks if something is wrong with Facebook again

    Some Popular Bloke is saying something in a humourous, self deprecating manner because it elicits a response from my multitude of friends even though it’s rubbish, really.
    67 comments /  20 people like this

    Someone Nerdy is quoting from a Big Bang Theory episode. Or Monty Python. Or Doctor Who. Who can tell?

    Someone Stating the Obvious made this post:
    Here are all the things I said on Twitter today, just in case you didn’t read them when I posted them during the day

    Some Lovely Boy is happy with the latest Jordan Sparks single. Bless them.

    A Very Silly Person took the “How gullible are you to do a Facebook quiz” and is 100% gullible.

    Some Poor Pathetic Dear is continuing to bemoan their hardscrabble existence on an hourly basis

    Someone, Obviously a Senior Citizen Mom: I had a lovely day with the grandkids eating ice cream. I hope the kids will come back next week. Maybe it will stop raining sometime soon. Oh Well. Time to watch Dateline. Talk to you soon.

    A Very Lucky Duck can’t believe their continued good fortune

    Someone Even Nerdier is carrying on some debate about literary SF or comics or Doctor Who (who can tell?) from Twitter onto Facebook

    Someone Brave has posted their honest, true and vulnerable feelings about their life

    Someone Who Will Pay for This is quoting a song lyric that will stick in your head for bloody days and days…

    Some Philisophical Soul is going to drink some wine.

    Some Happy Parent is having pizza with their kid.

    Graeme Burk has done most, if not all of these things at one time or another.

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    Cameron  on  10/20  at  03:41 PM

    <b>Cameron Dixon</b> is agreeing.

    Richard  on  10/20  at  04:09 PM

    Please add a “like” button so I can click it.

    Koshka  on  10/26  at  03:53 PM

    <b>Another person</b> is bidding farewell to Facebook. This person has done this four times already - each time they were very vocal about it, and then returned three days later pretending it never happened.

    Robert Smith?  on  11/27  at  02:25 AM

    Robert Smith? agrees that most of these are recognisable in a generic way, but thinks the senior citizen mum one is the funniest, partly because of its specificity, but mostly because it’s pretty much his own mother.

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