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November 30, 2005

  • The “Are You Jack Layton?” Quiz
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    Wondering how you would fare if you were leader of the Official Third Party in Canada and the person who Maclean's dubbed "The Man Who Is Running Our Country"? Take our quiz and find out.

    1. You are the leader of the federal New Democratic Party. In your monthly mailings to supporters, how often do you mention same-sex rights?

    1. Frequently; it's a party platform and a fundamental human right.
    2. Occasionally, amongst a constellation of other important causes.
    3. Hardly ever, if at all.  People on the left will know we support it, and those social conservatives who might support us don't need to think to hard

    2. Bill C-34, legislation concerning according same-sex partners the same rights as married heterosexuals, is coming to a crucial third reading in a matter of weeks. The Conservative Party is hell-bent to defeat the government beforehand, which would put the legislation back to start, make it a campaign issue and quite possibly jeopardize its very future. What do you say?

    1. "This is the most important piece of human rights legislation in recent memory and we will support the government until such time as this bill is passed into law"
    2. "We want the government to last long enough to at least pass this important bill, and will conditionally support them provided they don't do anything really stupid."
    3. "Give us our budget amendments or we will assist the Tories in defeating the government."

    3. The government has put forth, in response to a corruption scandal, a reasonable proposal to dissolve Parliament within 30 days of the final report of the Independent Inquiry. What would you do?

    1. Get on with the business of running the nation
    2. Get on with the business of running the nation and use your power in the minority mix to continue to keep the government on course
    3. Time to play "Let's Make a Deal"

    4. Another confidence crisis has broken out with several key pieces of legislation ahead. What do you say?

    1. "We should support the government in order to ensure that democracy continues unabated"
    2. "We should support the government provided they don't try to pass any ill-thought legislation"
    3. "Let's Make a Deal!"

    5. The government is not interested in making a deal with you, and polling indicates that a winter election is unpopular with the public. The Conservatives want to table a non-confidence motion. What do you do?

    1. defeat the non-confidence motion as it's just a partisan stunt that will increase voter distrust
    2. defeat the non-confidence motion as it's just a partisan stunt that will increase voter distrust but make it clear that every piece of subsequent legislation will be voted on its merit
    3. vote for the non-confidence motion because now that you didn't get what you want you're taking your ball and going home

    6. The government has been defeated through a non-confidence motion. What do you say to that?

    1. "This is a national tragedy. This didn't need to happen."
    2. "That's politics. It probably didn't need to happen, though."
    3. "The Liberals are corrupt and out for their own interests. That's nothing like what we've done, though."


    Mostly a) – You're an idealist. What are you doing here? The Green Party welcomes you with open arms
    Mostly b) – You're an idealist but have a certain degree of realism. The NDP has no place for you.
    Mostly c) – You're Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada and you talk a good game about supporting the underdog and standing up against corruption, but really when it comes down to it, you're no less opportunistic and have no less interest in serving your own political ends than your opponents. Enjoy your Maclean's cover. I'm not voting for you this election.

    With apologies to Donna Lypchuk


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