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January 01, 2006

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    I don't have a lot to say about the year gone by. I found love. I found a new job. I found a brilliant new version of Doctor Who on TV. In the final analysis, that's all I really want and all I could ever really need.

    Instead, I find myself looking forward to this nascent year known as 2006. Here we are somewhere in the mid…well, six years in and I still don't know what the hell I'm supposed to call this decade. Anyway, here I am in the dawn of this new year before me, and I find myself thinking what do I wish would happen in 2006.

    I wish that 2006 will be a less violent year for the city I love. I want Toronto to stop being on the six o'clock news for yet another damn shooting. I don't honestly see that happening, but I wish it all the same.

    I also wish for a year where the electorate affirms the incredible advance in human rights made by this year's same-sex legislation and makes sure that the angry hating people who want to come into power don't get their wish.

    I wish to make it to work in under 45 minutes. I still believe it can be done.

    And while we're on the subject of completely impossible wishes, in 2006 I wish that during, God forbid, the next federal disaster in the US, the law would require anyone in government or any government disaster relief agency to actually spend a minimum of 48 hours actually living with the people affected by the disaster in the same conditions as them. I believe, perhaps naively, that more actual insight might be gained by spending a couple of days watching corpses wash past you in the street and sleeping on the floor of a sports stadium than just by choppering in for a photo op.

    But then there are the entirely probable wishes, like wishing that in 2006 comic book message boards are as gonzo and insane as they have been this year. I derive an incredible amount of entertainment in my life from watching comic book fans go at it with fellow fans. It's like watching rabid chimpanzees flinging their feces at one another—it's both horrible and yet amazingly compelling at the same time.

    I wish that King Kong and Brokeback Mountain would collectively take the Oscars by storm. The former because any film that can make me find a scene of a CGI ape sliding on a frozen Central Park lake unbelievably poignant understands the magic of filmmaking. The latter because Ang Lee is never better than when he does gay romance.

    I wish for a bike in 2006 that would be the epitome of low-maintenance.

    I wish for a special level of hell to be made up for the people who cancelled Train 48 in favour of ET Canada. Actually, not for them, but for the boffins in the CRTC who will probably give more CanCon points for a Canadian branch office of an American entertainment gossip show than for a nightly Canadian drama, no matter how sucky the final year of it became.

    It's doubtful, but I wish that MSNBC's Keith Obermann would make it into the mainstream consciousness in the US. The guy has a cable news show that I actually respect, and his commentaries are insightful and worthwhile.

    I wish eye weekly would see the error of its ways and abandon the singularly ugly design and branding revamp they made last fall. They took a handsome-looking arts weekly and turned it into something that looks like a student newspaper in the days before desktop publishing. Please, for the love of anything beautiful, go back.

    I wish to be a somewhat smaller, but nonetheless just as jolly man next year. I had lost 13.5 pounds before Christmas, so I remain hopeful.

    During 2006, I wish that political debate—on both sides of the 49th parallel—would improve to a point where we didn't have to need Jon Stewart to show us how it should be done. Even if it's just about empirically true that Stewart and Samantha Bee are two of the smartest funny people on the planet.

    I hold out in the very dim and vain hope—I wouldn't even call it a wish it's so slim—that the Canadian electorate will get an apology from the NDP for calling this election.

    I wish Battlestar Galactica would get acknowledged in next year's Emmy awards, and that Medium might find more nominations than just for Patricia Arquette. These two series are the best American dramas on the air. There are none better.

    With all signs pointing to its eventual cancellation later this year, I wish that The West Wing would wrap things up in a fitting way, preferably by getting Aaron Sorkin to write the series finale. And oh how I dearly wish that any conclusion to this series (which frankly is ending on a high; this latest season has been the best its been since Sorkin left) would do the decent thing for fans and have Josh and Donna finally kiss.

    I wish to get out more columns this year. And I'll try to do more than wish. Honest.

    And I wish I could figure out just what the hell to call this decade.

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