This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of my interests, but rather a sampling of some things worth looking at.


  • Rob Jones - a supremely gifted writer and music critic
  • John Anderson - a talented linguist who should be posting more of his awesome poetry and fiction
  • Robert Smith? - a god among mathematicians and my co-editor on Time, Unincorporated (the question mark is deliberate)
  • Sean Twist - a tortured genius who should really write way more.
  • Greg McElhatton - a wonderfully perceptive writer
  • Dave Owen - a supremely talented critic and one of my favourite people
  • Lou Anders - a brilliant editor and writer and whose company I wish I had more often
  • Heather Murray - a sweet person and a great knitter and photographer
  • Felicity Kusinitz - an all-round nifty person.
  • Sandy Gillians - gardener and orchid connoisseur par excellence
  • Peter Anghelides - a superb writer and a true gentleman


  • Demisemiblog - A blog by Martha Bridegam, an incredibly thoughtful and astute political commentator, and a fellow Orwellian.
  • Paul Cornell's website. Paul is the writer of the Doctor Who episodes Father's Day and Human Nature / The Family of Blood and a writer of novels and other things. He's been a friend for almost 15 years, so I have no idea why I haven't put him in that section...
  • Mad Norwegian Press - the publisher of several books I am working on. Publisher Lars Pearson is also a friend.
  • Thales Exoo's website, words + stuff creates - My friend Thales is an amazing web designer. This is her business website.


Doctor Who

Blogs I Like

Spirituality / Christianity

Favourite Things

  • Nina's Books 4 Israel Project - my friend Nina is doing the most incredible thing, collecting books and donations to send books to the poor schools in Israel, particularly to the Bedouin schools in the Negev. It's an amazing work of grassroots charitable work. Go and donate!
  • One World - an excellent resource for international news, global education and human rights links
  • Mundo Jazz - rumours that my friend Dan Freedman has something to do with this are purely conjecture.
  • The Cockburn Project - a comprehensive site on my favourite musician, Bruce Cockburn
  • Billy Bragg - another great musician. It's an official site, but it's maintained by Billy and his own people, which is kind of cool.
  • The Chestnut Tree Cafe - A website devoted to my favourite writer, George Orwell.