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February 15, 2010

  • Pondering Substance Abuse
  • Is the venti skinny vanilla latte a useful addiction in writing?

    It has helped me through many afternoons when I’ve needed to write

    Con: To this day there are run-on sentences that go on and on without a pause or breath that I know are due to the latte.

    Pro: I’ve composed some of my better works while consuming them.

    Con: There was one time where after two of them I was describing the exhilaration of what I had written on Facebook…and people asked for me to say it in English.

    Pro: It gives me my daily intake of dairy

    Con: It gives me renal failure.

    I’m going to call it a draw…

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    February 08, 2010

  • RIP Tea Mug (2001-2010)
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    Writers can be very sentimental creatures, and one object that I’ve taken with me across 6 jobs and have used to fuel up on tea as a displacement exercise / caffeine infusion is my beloved Golden Gate National Parks “TAKE A HIKE” mug, which is now in bitty pieces in a garbage can somewhere after falling to its death today.

    I shall miss you, faithful friend.

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    February 05, 2010

  • The Writer’s Tale
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    To this day, I think the best book I’ve ever read about the art and act of writing is Russell T Davies’ The Writers Tale. It’s a series of e-mails from then Executive Producer and Head Writer of Doctor Who, Russell T Davies, to Doctor Who Magazine writer Benjamin Cook about the process of writing for series television and all the hassles and problems therein.

    I love it because I’ve never seen a better illustration of the daily frustrations of writing—finding solutions to puzzles that have come up, finding the best way of creating a scene or a character, trying to keep up with external pressures and demands. You can see how Russell creates the scripts for several stories in the fourth series of the new Doctor Who and it’s really quite enlightening to watch a writer at the top of his game share, even a little, about his creative process.

    I say this because there’s a new paperback edition, with an additional 100,000 words on the creation of David Tennant’s final specials, now available. It’s good, but only if you’re a Doctor Who fan. If you want a great book about writing, the original hardback edition is what you should get.

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