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June 30, 2010

  • Things I Hate (#239 in a series)
  • I need to cut 400 words from a short story that was already short to begin with.

    I’m used to doing this—I work as an editor, but it’s always a pain. First you find the obvious things to cut—the bloated paragraphs, the things that are repetitive or redundant or just there to be fancy. Then you go through paragraph by paragraph and figure out if anything can be expressed in a shorter way. And you do it again. And again until you have 400 words obliterated.

    A lot of writing is cutting. You would think I would know this by now.

    Perhaps not relevant, but I was reminded of something writer Ken Levine (M*A*S*H, Frasier) said on his blog about having to cut down a Neil Simon speech.

    Okay. Now I have 313 words to cut. Sigh…

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    June 21, 2010

  • Please never let me be this guy…
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    Guy at Starbucks Writing A Screenplay - part of this week’s Super Fun Pak comic of Tom the Dancing Bug, probably my favourite comic strip being produced today.

    This is why I do my writing (frequently at Starbucks) on a legal pad in illegible scrawl…

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