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September 29, 2010

  • Things I Hate (#406 in a series)
  • I recently had cause to revisit a book proposal I put together in 2002. Good proposal, helped by people who worked in publishing. Didn’t get anywhere and my life became too busy to follow it up.

    Eight years later I have time and a window of opportunity. But can I find the proposal? Of course not. It was written 2 computers ago in 2 different locations. It’s not on my computer or several backups of old hard drives or on my Dad’s computer’s backups (even more bizarre since my father is religious about backing up his hard drive). All my e-mail at the time was on AOL and long gone now. Hard copy? Are you kidding?

    This is probably my least favourite thing, having to reconstruct writing after it is lost due to the vicissitudes of life and technology. Sometimes in reconstruction you can improve it. Often though you can’t.

    So here I sit at Starbucks trying to write it all again. And displacing that task by seeing if I can post items to the website using my Blackberry. Looks like I can at least do that.

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    September 23, 2010

  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • Oh geez… excuse me. Let me just blow away a few cobwebs on this website…

    Yeah, so I haven’t been around much this summer. I’ve been a bit distracted. My contract came to an end where I was working. I’ve been trying to find another paying full-time gig, move back home to Ottawa (which has the benefit of being in the same city as my wife for the first time since last October), and just generally cope with the frustration of not finding full-time writing or communications work.

    Writing wise it’s been a black hole as a result. Much of my writing has been application letters and CVs. There’s been a few things happening though:

    • I finished work on the manuscript for Time Unincorporated Volume 3, a collection of writing about the new series of Doctor Who for Mad Norwegian Press. My co-editor Robert Smith? and I have been working hard to duplicate the success of Volume 2. It will be published, hopefully, in Winter 2011.
    • Part of the fun in that collection was writing, at the eleventh hour, an essay about David Tennant’s contribution to Doctor Who. Like so many pieces borne of desperation, I’ve come to really love it. I hope you will too when it gets published.
    • My Austin Film Festival submission was, sigh, rejected. That was a blow… I’ll get over it though.
    • I’ve been pitching a few projects with some publishers. There might be some interest on at least one of them. More news to follow…
    • The latest issue of Enlightenment features a review of the Doctor Who DVD The Space Museum / The Chase which may be the most fun I’ve had writing a review in quite some time.
    • I’m trying to fix the wonky bits in my Austin submission so I can try sending it around to a few places.

    Oh, and a little bit of ego-boo. In July I appeared on Space as part of a panel discussing the season finale of Doctor Who:


    This was my first foray into television punditry and was a lot of fun, though a little nervewracking. My thanks to my fellow panelists—JM Frey, Gavin Stevens and Kat Angus—host Teddy Wilson and producer Mark Askwith (who published my first bit of writing when I was 14 in 1984!) for making it a lot easier. The Space website’s blog has my thoughts on the 2010 season of Doctor Who.

    A column for September will be up hopefully by the weekend. We’re back baby!


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