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November 30, 2010

  • Time Unincorporated 3 Now Solicited
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    Mad Norwegian has now announced that Time Unincorporated Volume 3, the second of the collections of Doctor Who fan writing edited by myself and Robert Smith?, will be released next June.

    This volume focuses on writings about the New Series and a mixture of reprinted fanzine pieces and original work. This volume has much more originally commissioned work, with about 20 authors contributing new essays, including McCoy-era script editor Andrew Cartmel, Doctor Who authors Steve Lyons, Keith Topping and Kate Orman, Back to the Vortex author (and old friend) Shaun Lyon and many, many more. It also features an introduction by new series writer and World Fantasy Award winning author Robert Shearman.

    Dr. Smith? and I are quite proud of this volume. We think it is quite simply the best volume of criticism on Doctor Who the new series published to date and something we hope will be essential reading for Doctor Who fans. We hope you’ll agree!

    You can pre-order it, if you want to do so six and a half months in advance, on and

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    November 25, 2010

  • Waiting For David
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    My first bit of live blogging ever. I’m standing in what is becoming a massive line-up for a book singing signing and reading with David Sedaris. Sedaris is one of my very favourite authors—he has been the bedside reading of my wife Julie and myself for almost two years (his book Me Talk Pretty One Day was a wedding present from my friend Natasja).

    Sedaris’ popularity with Julie and me is down to the fact that he writes with what I might call painful beauty. He’s funny and observant but also raw and blunt. No one writes memoirs like him: so unsentimental but so beautiful at the same time.

    There are very few authors I would stand in a long singing line for; and there is precisely one whom I have done that for. Actually I’m doing it right now.

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    November 03, 2010

  • No No NaNoWriMo
  • I know it probably seems like the pot calling the kettle some shade of ash, but I kind of agree with Laura Miller’s Salon article on National Novel Writing Month (or as it is known on Twitter hashtags everwhere, NaNoWriMo). On the one hand I feel that it’s a way of drawing attention to the discipline required to writing a novel. On the other hand, I find NaNoWriMo equates the craft of writing, and it is a craft, with simply pushing out word count—and if you write it all down editing will magically make it better anyway.

    In my experience it doesn’t work that way. Good writing isn’t about bulk, but the quality of the prose to begin with. And you don’t make the prose great just by hammering it out. It should require time and thought. I feel like NaNoWriMo just encourages more bad writing and isn’t there enough of that

    I like Laura Miller’s idea of the 10/10/10 challenge: instead of writing a book in a month, read 10 books in 10 areas in a 10 month period. Reading more broadly can only help us as a culture, and anyone who writes can be helped by reading a wide variety of authors.

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