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May 18, 2011

  • Who In Progress #1
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    A little teaser of some of what’s involved in writing an episode guide of Doctor Who. Here’s the list of the episodes I’m tasked to write guide entries (and the primary review of) in Who Is The Doctor. My co-author Robert Smith? are doing the others. As you can see a) I’ve just finished doing all my guide entries for Series 1-5 and b) I have a marzipan bear pinned to my list for no apparent reason.

    We also write secondary reviews for the guide entries we didn’t write, so the check marks indicate what ones Robert has written for my entries.

    Robert still has several entries to do, but he’s a full-time rock star math professor at the University of Ottawa, so he’s got a few more time crunches than I have.

    That list has governed my life since November of last year, so it’s a relief to see it cleared. That said, I have three more stories from the first half of Series 6 to write and the whole book to edit…

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    May 14, 2011

  • The Full Treatment
  • I’m writing a treatment for a film—no I can’t say for what (or for whom). What I can say are the pros and cons of writing such a thing based on the few times I’ve done it (for fun and for profit).

    Cons: They’re bloody hard to write. It’s like writing a screenplay, only omitting the fun parts (setting the scene, writing dialogue) and enhancing the harder parts (plotting, sequencing events, working out the narrative).

    Pros: Every time I’ve been able to write a full script for a project that I wrote a treatment for, it’s been a dream to write, precisely because I did a lot of the hard work in advance.

    For me, writing a treatment is like eating vegetables: they’re good for me, there are parts of the experience I like. All the same, I’d kill for a steak or some dessert. Now excuse me, I must return to my carrots and leafy greens. Mmm…

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    May 12, 2011

  • Busy. Working. Writing.
  • OK, there’s a reason I haven’t been blogging about writing. (Or indeed writing a column lately). I’m ashamed to admit it… I’ve been busy, you know, writing. For pay.

    The projects have been varied. Who Is The Doctor moves inexorably toward its deadline in mid-June. We need to complete all our series 1-5 entries, write the ones for series 6 thus far and then edit the manuscript. Simple. I’ll try to post some goodies from behind the scenes for all four of you who are interested.

    Time, Unincorporated 3 is coming out in June. We’re having a launch/signing event in Toronto on June 18 at Bakka-Phoenix. Details to come. We’ll be doing some interviews for this book as it comes closer to publication.

    People interested in my Doctor Who DVD reviews might want to take a look at my review of the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie starring Paul McGann in the latest issue of Enlightenment. It’s a fun little piece.

    One of my big bug-bears is people who subscribe to the internet meme of talking about the projects they can’t announce as though they’re Gollum or someone, saying they’re working on “sekrit projekts.” I find it annoying because a) it’s not particularly cute, funny or interesting and b) if you can’t announce what you’re doing then shut up and just get on with doing it. So with that in mind, what I can say is…um, well, I’m keeping busy and I need to get on with my work!

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