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July 27, 2011

  • The Editing Process Is Like…
  • a) A trip to the Dentist
    b) A tax audit
    c) A lengthy workout at the gym
    d) Every argument you’ve ever had with your spouse in super-condensed form
    e) A job appraisal
    f) All of the above
    g) Some of the above
    h) All, some and none of the above

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    July 04, 2011

  • Who In Progress #3
  • image

    And we are done! The last two weeks were especially intense as we went through the final sections of the book, added new material, rewrote, argued passionately, and did a final edit… all while Robert was in Poland (apparently he deserves an award for managing to mime to a stern Polish concierge at 2 am that he needed 50 pages printed) and I was in Ottawa.

    But it’s finished and now with our lovely editor Jen Hale at ECW Press. (We still have to submit Series Six when it’s finished this fall but hopefully that won’t be so bad…) And now the fun part begins as the book goes through three different edits.

    Let me have my moment though. The book is sent! To quote my beloved Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, “Hooray!”

    Update: As Robert points out in the comments, after all that work, I somehow managed to put last year’s date on the cover page. (In fairness I was braindead by this point…)

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