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December 31, 2011

  • That was the year that was
  • Several of my friends have been posting somewhat introspective blog entries on what has happened in their lives this year. Which, of course, got me to thinking about 2011 for me.

    2011 was, in many respects, a very good year. Here are the positive highlights, from a writing perspective:

  • About two weeks into 2011 I received one of the best e-mails and subsequent phone calls of my life, which eventually led to a screenplay I wrote being optioned. Basically, that means someone pays you some money for your script so that they can see if they can get some money to make the film (or develop it further), along with a promise that they’ll pay you some more if they do get that money. This led to me being paid for a screenplay for the first time ever. Woo, as they say, hoo! Fingers crossed that 2012 will actually see it go from there. I also was paid to write a spec treatment as well.

  • imageThe book I spent over a year co-editing, Time, Unincorporated Volume 3, was successfully launched at a great event hosted by Bakka-Phoenix Books in Toronto

  • My first co-authored book, an episode guide to Doctor Who called Who Is The Doctor has finally been written, edited, re-written, copy-edited and is now being proofread. It was my first experience with an actual publisher as opposed to a cottage industry, working with an actual editor (our last books were books we edited ourselves). It’s been an exciting ride.

  • I got to be a (minor) guest at the two best Doctor Who conventions in the world, Gallifrey One and Chicago TARDIS, which both were lovely experiences. At the latter, I got to meet several great writers and share war stories about freelancing. It was great.

  • I’m back to doing steady communications work in the non-profit sector, which is something I love doing.

    But there have been frustrations this year too:

  • In spite of getting a script optioned, I haven’t been able to bring things to the next level as a screenwriter. I’ve had some meetings with agents and producers as a result of it, but nothing’s quite connected. I would like to eagerly caveat “yet”, there.

  • Some of my projects were marred by an acrimonious situation that came to a head early last summer. I don’t wish to dwell on it, but it was heartbreaking and made some successes this year bittersweet at best.

  • I spent so much time trying to tread water in terms of getting Who is the Doctor done in the midst of an involved editing process (aided by talented people at ECW Press), trying to keep body and soul together, and other concerns that I don’t feel like I accomplished as much writing that I really would have liked to have done.

    Consquently, it’s been a year of great successes but it’s also feels like a year of close-but-not-quite. I sort of look back on the past year with a certain level of frustration.

    imageHowever I need to remind myself at times like this how far I’ve actually come. A book like this Who is the Doctor is nothing to sneeze at. As is getting actual script writing noticed by producers (and paid for). Plus I’ve been buoyed by wonderful, supportive friends (whom I have not seen as much I would have liked in 2011; I hope to remedy this more often in 2012) a wonderful wife and some really nice people.

    In 2012, I’m hoping to take what I’ve done and build on it. Here’s what I hope to do.

  • Work on another screenplay and a spec script for TV

  • Pitch some more magazine articles and non-fiction books to various publishers

  • Continue to build my network with producers and fellow writers

  • Enjoy what I hope will be an amazing launch for Who Is The Doctor, a book which I think is something every Doctor Who fan will love and a really great book about television, generally.

  • Try to write my web column twice a month, when possible

  • Write more, generally!

    Time will tell how it all goes. But here’s to a much better 2012!

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