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September 11, 2012

  • Writery things I am rarely ever without…
  • 1) Uniball Vision Elite pen (0.8 mm)


    2) Legal Pad (usually one that’s full of stuff. This is my work version, which I tear off stuff from all the time)


    3) Notebook (you don’t write a book without one of these babies)


    4) Vessel with which to drink something (tea, coffee, scotch…)


    (This is a mug I got for appearing on a panel on SPACE. The logo has almost worn off. Note to self: get on another panel on SPACE. They provide nice mugs. And tote bags. And hoodies… SPACE swag is not essential to writing. But it’s still cool…)

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    September 10, 2012

  • Outside In
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    Another fabulous book featuring me. But that’s not why you want to purchase it.

    It’s also an exciting collection of reviews of every Doctor Who story in the classic series, edited by my frequent collaborator Robert Smith? as his McCartney solo project. But that’s not why you want to purchase it.

    Outside In has the bravest remit for a Doctor Who book ever: 160 reviews of all 160 classic series stories, written by 160 people. In 160 diverse styles.That’s still not why you want to purchase it.

    It includes some massively talented writers. Still shouldn’t be affecting your purchasing choice.

    No, you want to get Outside In because it features the first published work of my wife Julie as she reviews the Tom Baker classic, The Robots of Death!

    So go order it from ATB Publishing when it becomes available later this month. It’s out this November!

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