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May 31, 2013

  • Who’s 50 in Progress #2
  • So much of a book actually happens in the editing phase. And thanks to modern technology that means the track changes and comments functions in Word. Which can be somewhat crazy in a book with two authors, a line editor and a copy editor. Here’s a page from Who is the Doctor copy edit:


    It’s a pretty mundane thing but the discussions in the comments can get lively. As witnessed in this conversation between our editor Jen Hale, Robert and myself about the Doctor Who character, the Watcher:


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    May 23, 2013

  • This tweet says it all…
  • From one of my favourite comic book writers Paul Tobin (him of the awesome series Bandette, with my favourite comic book artist Colleen Coover)

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    May 20, 2013

  • Who’s 50 in Progress #1
  • I thought once a week leading up to the publication of our new book Who’s 50: The 50 Doctor Who stories to watch before you die I’d show some of the work product in putting together a non-fiction book…

    First we start with a page of my handy-dandy notebook (I watched a lot of Blue’s Clues with my goddaughter when she was little). I write down stuff about episodes as I’m watching. It’s utterly random. Even where I write on the page has no sense to it (other than the fact I like putting things in different parts of the page; I’m a visual thinker I guess).

    Anyway, this is the page for the 1964 Doctor Who story The Aztecs. You’ll get to see what it turns into in a few months…


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    May 17, 2013

  • When I Created Doctor Who… (My weekend at Ottawa Comiccon)
  • So Ottawa ComicCon was a pretty great experience. Not the least of which is that I managed to get a beaten up copy of Mad issue 7 (while it was a comic, not a magazine) and a less beaten up copy of Mad issue 11. And I got a Master and TARDIS (from The Time Monster!) and a Seventh Doctor action figure, so it was a good time for my toy collection.

    There was an awful lot of sitting around and doing nothing… A lot of people came to get signed copies of our books, but a lot of people also just stopped by because a backdrop of the TARDIS was there for cosplayers to be photographed. And then there were sheer moments of mentalness, like when a guy came by and assumed because we were at the Doctor Who Society of Canada booth signing books…we must have created Doctor Who. We kept trying to correct him, but he kept shaking our hands and saying “When you started this in 1963, did you ever imagine you’d be sitting here 50 years later?”

    After he left, I turned to Robert and said “Does he think we’re 80?!?” We laughed for a good 20 minutes…

    Saturday afternoon we did our panel… and it was massive. It had over 300 people in it. Packed to capacity. The room was wide, and so there were several rows watching us on big screen TVs. It was wild…


    And midway through a Dalek army stopped by. The crowd fortunately seemed to be really entertained by us, which was nice.

    Someone video recorded the panel, so you can see Dr. Smith? and I in all our glory. My pwning a Dalek happens around the 28:30 mark…

    Afterward we were mobbed for copies of WITD, people wanted to take photos with us. It was insane. But in a good way. And by Sunday we sold out everything which was great!

    All in all a great weekend. My thanks to Cindy Peters of the Doctor Who Society of Canada for being so good to us. And thanks to everyone who supported us!

    Oh, one other photo to show off. The world is saved thanks to Doctor Who Hefner and the Grumpy Writer…


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    May 14, 2013

  • Resistance is Futile
  • During the copy edit of Who’s 50, my co-author, Dr. Robert Smith? Ph.D, insisted on turning “Sunday school teacher” into a hyphenate. I accused him of being a pedant. What follows is true. Or near enough.


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    May 09, 2013

  • Ottawa Comiccon
  • image

    It’s funny. Even though Robert and I have lived in Ottawa for several years, we don’t do a lot of stuff to promote our books there. This changes this weekend as Robert and myself are attending Ottawa Comiccon.

    We’ll be hosting a Doctor Who panel at 6 pm in Meeting Room D. We’ll be talking about Who is the Doctor, Who’s 50 and anything about Doctor Who you want to ask us. So do stop by!

    And we’ll be signing copies of Who is the Doctor at the table of our good friends at the Doctor Who Society of Canada (you can’t miss them—they have a lot of Daleks on display!). We’ll be there to sign books at 1 and 4 Saturday and 12 and 3 on Sunday. We also have postcards for our new book Who’s 50 to give away.

    If you’re there. Do stop by and say hello. We love to talk to people!

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    May 07, 2013

  • Who is the Doctor wins Silver Medal!
  • imageAnd now for some news I’m really proud to share. Who is the Doctor has won a Silver Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards!

    You can see the results on the Independent Publisher website. We’re in the “Popular Culture and Leisure” category (that’s Category number 62, a long way down…). We lost out to a book about Michael Jackson and a book about Batman. I don’t know what that says about the state of popular culture or not. It’s a real amazing honour: 2500 books were entered and only 300 odd books were awarded.

    I wasn’t aware we were nominated for this (the kind folks at ECW press nominated us; our fellow ECW books Fifty Sides of the Beach Boys: The Songs that Tell Their Story and Walking Into The Ocean also won) so this is kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket on the ground. It’s wonderful, wonderful news.

    Best of all we actually get a real medal! Sadly I won’t be able to go to New York for the ceremony, but when it comes in the mail, I’ll show a picture of us wearing ours!

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