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August 06, 2013

  • Who’s 50 in Progress #5: Stop the Presses!
  • So Who’s 50 is at the printer. We’re at the point where every change costs a small sum of money. (And we had to make a couple as it was!)

    And guess what gets announced this past weekend…? Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor.

    Suffice to say, that made my life quite busy. I was interviewed twice by the BBC: once on their middle-of-the-night live radio show on Live 5 before the announcement and afterward…on The BBC’s 24 Hour News channel!. Here’s some screencaps of me on a skype call from my living room!



    Somewhere in the middle of all this (thankfully not the live interview on BBC television) I suddenly have a thought.

    “Shit! Page 361 of Who’s 50!”


    Good thing it was at the printer. If the announcement had happened a week later we might not have been able to have changed that!

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    August 01, 2013

  • Who’s 50 in Progress #4: The ARC in Space
  • image

    Now this was really cool. ECW Press sent us “Advanced Reader Copies” (or ARCs) of Who’s 50!

    Advanced Reader Copies are prototype books made from the uncorrected proofs that sent to reviewers and bookstores. The collapsed timeline of putting Who is the Doctor together meant that we didn’t get to do this, so this is a first for us.

    The thing about ARCs is that they tend to use off-cuts, as it were, of paper stock, so the end result is the ARC looks like a very beaten up copy of the book! Still, it’s cool to see.

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