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September 16, 2013

  • Dusting things off…
  • Oh good grief, did another month pass?

    Forgive me dear reader, it has been an insane summer. Work projects. Who’s 50 copy editing. Getting the final version of Who’s 50 off to the printer. Starting another writing project (which I won’t get into for a little while). Getting promotional plans for Who’s 50 ready…

    But Who’s 50 was out in time to have early copies sold at FanExpo Canada. And ECW Press went to town on it, even offering buttons of each of the Doctors (used in the book as icons for each entry). Here’s Robert’s dainty hand holding up a complete set…


    We’ve got launches happening in Toronto and Ottawa (that I’ll post about in due course) and a packed promotion schedule that includes conventions in Toronto, New York, Long Island and Chicago and several points in-between. And once the dust settles, maybe I’ll get back to talking about writing in general again. Hey, you never know…!

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