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March 26, 2013

  • Who’s 50
  • With new episodes of Doctor Who (too few in my view) starting this weekend, I suddenly realize that we don’t have anything about our upcoming book here! I need to change that.

    This is what I’ve been neglecting my website, my social life and my poor spouse for all these months…


    ECW Press’ Fall Catalogue has a pretty good write-up about what the book is about: Take it away…

    Travel through space and time with this guide to the best of Doctor Who

    Doctor Who has been a television phenomenon since it began 50 years ago on November 23, 1963. But of all the hundreds of televised stories, which are the ones you must watch? Who’s 50 selects the best of the best of Doctor Who and elucidates behind-the-scene details, exhilarating moments, connections to Who lore, goofs, interesting trivia, and much, much more. Written to be enjoyed by those new-to-Who and by die-hard fans alike, Who’s 50 explores every corner of the imaginative, scary, and funny universe that has made Doctor Who an iconic part of science-fiction storytelling for half a century.

    As ever with marketing, it’s not quite right. It’s not really “the best” of Doctor Who. We make that quite clear in our introduction. We’re not doing “the best” stories. We’re doing the ones you should watch. Many of the stories we’ve selected in Who’s 50 are indeed the best. But other choices are much more idiosyncratic: they’re stories you should watch because they’re of interest, or they have some curiosity value, or they show something unique about Doctor Who. Again, they’re not necessarily the best stories; in fact, some of them are stories that one or the other of us disagree about their very inclusion in the book. But they’re ones we think you should watch nonetheless.

    While the book had to be written really fast (and still has a little bit left to write!) it was a lot of fun to go through selected stories in Doctor Who’s 50 year history. As we went through the book we realized that in the same way Who is the Doctor provides a primer on the Classic Series as we’re doing our New Series guide, Who’s 50 is an exploration of the very history of Doctor Who from its infancy in the 1960s to becoming must watch TV of the 2010s. I think it’s going to be a great book. I’ll let you know when I’m done editing it…!

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